Offenbach J - Galop from Orpheus in the Underworld arr Frazer A

Product code: 68025

Parts: for a list of parts please see the image Condition: Unused - see description

Product information

Condition: Unused - minor shelf wear to the plastic folder containing the music pages. The music itself is in mint condition. Parts are included for many alternative combinations of instruments. The notes (please see image) explain that one melody part and the piano part are essential. All other parts (harmony parts and accompanying parts) are optional but are used to build up the group. There are 2 copies of each of the following: 1st C melody; 2nd C melody; B Flat melody; C harmony; B Flat harmony; E Flat/F instrument; Easy B Flat; Easy violin/viola; Bass; Percussion 1/2; Piano (piano includes the melody and harmony lines with notes on instrumentation to form a reduced score/conductor's copy).

Technical specifications

Brand Middle Eight Music
Product Code 68025