Mozart W A - Serenade No 1 for 3 Melody Instruments or 1 Melody Instrument & Piano

Product code: 48654

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Product information

Condition: Used - light usage wear. There are a few pencilled performance markings by the previous owner on the music pages. These have been partially rubbed out and would rub out completely if not required. This is Serenade no 1 K439b which was a trio originally written for 2 basset horns or clarinets and bassoon. This edition enables the work to be played by one melody instrument in C and piano (where the pianist plays from the bottom 2 staves of the score or by a trio of instruments. In addition to the score parts included are part 1 (treble clef); part 2 (treble clef); part 3 (alto clef). If part 3 is to be played by a bass clef C instrument this could be read from the score which is printed in large type.

Technical specifications

Isbn Number 9790006410675
Brand Barenreiter
Product Code 48654