Mersson B - Pieces Provencales Op 11 for 2 Clarinets & Bassoon

Product code: 48809

Parts: 2cl bn scr Condition: Unused - see description


Product information

Condition: Unused - apart from slight colour fade to the top edge of the cover the music is in mint condition. In addition to the parts for 2 B Flat clarinets and bassoon, also included is a part for bass clarinet as substitute for (or ad lib doubling with) the bassoon. There is also a part for basset horn which looks to be mainly a substitute for the bassoon but which also contains sections of doubling of the 2 clarinet parts. There is also a part which contains 2 lines: the first for oboe (which substitutes for clarinet 1) and the second line for clarinet 2. Perhaps this is designed to be played as an oboe/clarinet duet or perhaps for use, in conjunction with the bassoon or bass clarinet or basset horn, as an alternative trio.

Technical specifications

Brand Kunzelmann
Product Code 48809