Koblenz B - Cup for 3 Wind Instruments

Product code: 74690

Parts: 2cl bcl scr Condition: Unused - see description

Product information

Condition: Unused - mint condition. This is a trio with several possible instrumentations. Included are separate parts (2 treble clef, 1 bass clef) each part in either B Flat or E Flat. The score provides further options, with line 1 treble clef in C, line 2 treble clef in F, line 3 bass clef in C. With these options the composer suggests several instrument combinations. Option 1: Clarinet in B Flat or Clarinet in E Flat, Clarinet in B Flat, Bass Clarinet in B Flat. Option 2: Soprano Saxophone in B Flat or Alto Saxophone in E Flat, Alto Saxophone in E Flat, Tenor Saxophone in B Flat or Baritone Saxophone in E Flat. Option 3: Oboe, Cor Anglais, Bassoon. Option 4: Trumpet in C, Trumpet in B Flat, Trombone.

Technical specifications

Brand Barenreiter
Product Code 74690