Czernowin C - Five Action Sketches for 2 Voices & 5 Instruments

Product code: 25858

Parts: 2voice bfl bcl tsax tba vc scr Condition: Unused - see description


Product information

Condition: Unused - mint condition. There is a music shop stamp on the cover. The 5 instruments are: bass flute, bass clarinet, tenor saxophone, tuba and violoncello. Various alternative combinations are suggested for the 2 voices: baritone with falsetto & countertenor; low alto & countertenor; 2 matching countertenors; 2 matching low altos. In addition to their 2 lines being shown in the score, the 2 voices have a separate (shared) part.

Technical specifications

Isbn Number 9790001203494
Brand Schott
Product Code 25858